We took some time

A great tradition comes from slowness.
It took geological ages for our Euganean Hills to become gentle hills capable of protecting and exposing the vines to the sun in such a favorable way, nourishing them with a soil rich in substances. And it took hundreds of years for the passion of man to be born in these places a deep and authentic culture of making wine.

Cantina Colli Euganei was born at the center of this tradition. Our history is intertwined with that of the territory, which was the protagonist, since the 1940s, of a reconstruction and a revival based on the enhancement of the wine heritage. The common objective was to arrive at the definition of a Denomination of Origin, with a ‘variety’ approach.
The cooperative, which was born in ’49 and vinified for the first time in ’51, has always been in tune with this choice: offering a diverse range of wines with an authentic identity, an expression of a land and a culture.
Thanks to the expertise of capable and technically prepared men, Cantina Colli Euganei has managed to maintain this spirit until today, knowing how to listen to the evolution of taste and expectations of those who appreciate wine in the world.