This wine is made from grapes from selected wineries in the DOC area of the Euganean Hills that participate in the Quality Project, launched by Cantina Colli Euganei in 1998. The project aims to promote the traditional nature of the area and the grape varieties used to make Colli Euganei Riserva. The grapes are left to ripen until the optimum harvesting time while checking their condition, sugar content and other important substances. Then the vinification process, carried out by the winemaker, highlights the characteristics of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes through prolonged contact between the must and the skins at a controlled temperature so that all substances can be fully released. After fermentation, the wine is stored in fine oak barrels for 15-18 months so that it can fully age and acquire fragrances and smoothness. Maturation is completed in bottles to give the wine an excellent taste.
Wine Colli Euganei DOC Riserva
Alcohol/Vol. 13,5-14%
Production area Vineyards in the Euganean Hills with a south-west exposure, 50-200 metres above sea level.
Soil type Calcareous, rich in fossils, volcanic in origin
Grape varieties Merlot 60% – Cabernet Sauvignon 40%
Training system Cordon spur, Guyot
Visual characteristics Purple red with garnet red reflections
Aroma Fully developed and intense with hints of spice and vanilla. Clear sensations of ripe red fruit
Flavour Intense and full-bodied. Smooth and embracing with an excellent persistent aftertaste.
Serving temperature Before opening a bottle, gradually bring it to a temperature of 16-18°C, and then pour it into a decanter.
Serving suggestions Red meat and mature cheeses. Ideal after a meal as a wine for “meditation wine”
Bottle 3 l